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Specializing in Real Estate Sales, Auctions & Farmland Appraisals.
PROFESSIONAL AUCTION SERVICES FOR ALL TYPES OF AUCTIONS INCLUDING: Real Estate Farm Equipment All Other Types of Auctions Experienced staff of auctioneers with 4-Full Time Auctioneers with over 80 years of combined auction experience. Experienced clerking staff. Experienced auction management staff to handle all of the details that go into a successful auction. Advertising staff that work with auction/real estate advertising on a daily basis and know how to effectively place the advertising to assure you the most successful sale possible. Advertising of your auction is one of the most important parts of a successful auction. Don’t sell yourself short by working with an auctioneer or auction company that does not have this type of experience. Staff that can prepare your items and get them ready for your auction. Sales staff that has had a great deal of experience in selling all different types of property both real and personal at public auction. Office headquarters to handle all of the pre-sale details that go into a successful auction. Fully enclosed and self-contained modern mobile office clerking and support trailers. Sound systems that can handle any type of sound requirements for any auction. 2-Enclosed auction pickup toppers for handling the auctions in the most professional manner possible. Worldwide internet web page access. By contacting Randy Buntjer Auction & Realty LLC about your auction, you are taking the first step to a very successful sale. We can offer you one of the most professional auction services available. I would be happy to show you, at no obligation, how we can market your personal or real property and how an auction can work for you. The listing of your auction is one of the most important steps for having a successful auction. And we see to it that all of the pertinent information regarding your items or property is correctly listed, so it is properly advertised. It has been proven time and again that a good well planned advertising program is a key factor in a successful auction. And the auction staff has the every day working experience to see that your advertising is done correctly and affectively. They will make use of newspaper, internet, radio, TV and specific direct mail mailing lists to make sure all the bases are covered for your sale. They do all of the work and you can rest assured they are doing it with your best interests at heart. Whether your sale is large or small, one very important part of the auction is preparing the items to be sold. This will involve many different tasks; we offer a complete set up team that would be happy to assist you with this important phase. Something any auctioneer or auction company will agree upon is that the main objective of any auction is to market your items for the highest price possible. Something you should consider in selecting an auction company is that you will never get a second chance to hold an auction of your property. Therefore, it is vital that you do it right, by choosing a company that has the proven track record for successful auctions. That company is Randy Buntjer Auction and Realty LLC.
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